Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Update for Monday this week

I did not go to Weight Watchers yesterday. I found out yesterday morning that my grandfather was taken to the hospital in Bowling Green. Robyn and I decided to go see him during the day which meant we both left work early.

The doctors said he had a Mini-stroke. They kept him overnight and I have not heard anything yet this morning.

I ask that you keep him and my grandmother in your prayers.

As for the weight loss,  I am not sure where I stand but I do know that just taking a "sammich" (as Robyn calls them) to work for lunch is actually quite filling. No more do I feel the need to go to the cafeteria at Lipscomb and gorge myself at lunch.

Stay tuned for more this week.


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  1. Hey Stephen... How is your Grandfather? If you need anything let us know, we are right here in BG... You were so great when my Grandaddy was in Vanderbilt and I still appreciate the support that it gave us to see a friend when we arrived at Vandy.

    When I first started my journey it seemed like everytime I had a training session scheduled I would cancel to get to Paducah for Grandaddy. Don't give up and get down because time with your Grandfather is very important. I wouldn't change a thing about my many cancelled appointments. I stuck to my eating plan and made it through until I could get into my routine again.

    About the Sammiches..... I like to pair a sandwich with lowfat yogurt and/or fruit. Yoplait whips are my favorite (Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Mousse) Fruit is always a good option at lunch. I feel like it gives me energy. With WW aren't there a few "free" fruits?

    Keep up the good work Stephen!!!